Okika the Hawaiian word for Orchid.

Hello there,
This is my opportunity to tell you something about myself and Okika.
I’m based in Liverpool, England and offer a range of traditional English silk Christening Gowns and Outfits. All designed by myself with only the finest materials laces and hand beading.

Many years ago in my youth and after Art School, I ran a Bridal Gown company offering my own designs, here in the UK.
I had customers all over the UK and was featured in several Bridal magazines.
It was a wonderful business to be in, since you are meeting ladies at a time in their lives when they are excited and making a huge change, taking a leap into their own futures.

Well that was a long time ago……

Since then I have brought up a family and had a completely different career.

But you know sometimes life throws you a curved ball and recently I had the opportunity to consider what I want to do for the rest of my own life and I decided to put all that bridal gown knowledge to work again and started this new company Okika Christening Gowns. ( Okika is Hawaiian for Orchid)

And once again I am meeting ladies at another major moment in their lives.
How more joyous can life be, than when you are starting out on the adventure of parenthood.
Congratulations to you if you are at that moment in your lives.

So I offer my Okika Christening Gowns as a choice for that very special day when you formally welcome your new baby into your wider family and your faith.

I like to think that generation after generation will remember their babies in a christening gown by Okika.
Only the most beautiful silk will be treasured for a hundred years.
Family memories, family traditions begin here.

Please enjoy looking through my designs and feel free to ask any questions.

Best Wishes

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